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One Parent Scholar House (formerly known as Virginia Place) provides single-parent families with affordable housing, higher education opportunities and child development. One Parent Scholar House is a comprehensive self-sufficiency program that includes housing, child care, counseling, workshops, support from neighbors and staff and special activities.


A Word from the Executive Director

cecilAt the beginning of 2010, the Hope Center took over management of One Parent Scholar House.  I couldn't be happier about this opportunity to do something about homelessness before it has the opportunity to damage another life - or lives.


You see, studies show that families headed by single parents without education are families who face an increased risk of becoming homeless.  The children in these families rely on their sole parents, overwhelmingly young women, to provide them with the resources they need for stability, nurture and growth.  Without education, these parents are hard-pressed to provide those resources.  At One Parent Scholar House, single-parent families receive:


Affordable housing for the families
Higher education opportunities for the parents
Child development and care for the children


I encourage you to read the personal stories below. These women and their children will not be tomorrow's homeless family. They will be tomorrow's positive contributors. One Parent Scholar House made that possible.

I ask you to take part in this effort.  Your donation will help create more stories like this. Think about it.  There are many worthy and effective ways to fight homelessness, but this has to be one of the most gratifying.

Thank you for your interest in One Parent Scholar House. We hope this Website will answer any questions you have. If you’re interested in living at One Parent Scholar House, please take a special look at the application and all the housing and programming areas.

Cecil Dunn
Executive Director








AimeeAimee’s and Avrey’s Story

Aimee moved from Michigan to Lexington two years ago. As a single parent, she didn’t have much in common with her friends anymore and decided she needed a new start. She didn’t know where to start as a single mother; she didn’t see how she could go to school and work enough to pay bills.

Along the way, someone told her about One Parent Scholar House. She first looked at their childcare program because her daughter is her first priority. From there she realized she did well in the structured environment; she saw others in the same situation and seeing them do well motivated her. She has made good friends and they all help each other.

Aimee received an associate’s degree in Science from Bluegrass Community & Technical College. She has now transferred to the University of Kentucky and is working on a degree in biology with the plan of ultimately earning a degree in Physical Therapy.


SumayyaSumayya’s and Nahla’s Story

A few years ago, Sumayya was working and making a decent salary, but she didn’t love her job and wanted to go back to school. A family friend told her about One Parent Scholar House.

Sumayya says an important part of the program is that it’s structured and helps residents stay focused.  Everyone is in the same circumstances and there’s a lot of support. She adds that the number one priority for every person at One Parent Scholar House is their children. Knowing they are learning, having fun and being well cared for makes it much easier to focus on school work.

Sumayya is currently working toward a degree in Cosmotology and Environmental Technology and has a 4.0 grade point average.


AshleyAshley and Amaya’s Story

Ashley had been a student at the University of Kentucky for two years prior to becoming a single parent. She lived with her parents in Lawrenceburg so they could help with her daughter and drove to Lexington every day for classes. A friend told her about One Parent Scholar House.

Ashley is most impressed with the daycare at One Parent Family Scholar House. He tells of how her daughter is ahead of other children they know who attend other daycares. She’s thankful that her daughter had access to such a good learning environment and that she loved her teachers.

Ashley received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She and her daughter have now moved to Louisville for a job opportunity.




MeghanMeghan’s, Cassidy’s and Zayvier’s Story

Meghan had her first child on her sixteenth birthday. From the beginning she knew the best thing for her child was for her mother to stay in school.  She graduated early from high school in Ohio. Her aunt, who lives in Versailles, told her about One Parent Scholar House. Meghan moved to Kentucky and One Parent Scholar House in August of 2004.

Meghan got very involved and served as president of the resident council. She says like most of the parents at One Parent Scholar House, her number one motivation was her child.  She said the other residents also provide great motivation and encouragement and she has made life-long friends.

Meghan received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education for Moderate and Severe Disabilities from the University of Kentucky and is employed by a local elementary school.

DanaDana’s and Denise’s Story
In 2007, Dana was going through a divorce, and paying full rent and daycare costs. She overheard friends taking about a place that would help single parents who wanted to go to school. She visited One Parent Scholar House, picked up an application form, turned it in, was approved, got a move in date and never looked back.

She now has a bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern Kentucky University and is working towards a master’s degree in Learning and Behavior Disorders.

Dana says One Parent Scholar House has helped her in many ways, but two in particular stand out.  Her daughter has benefitted from the teachers and curriculum in the daycare, and the workshops offered to single parents have offered important learning opportunities for Dana. She also appreciates the support she receives from the staff and other residents.









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